About US

History & Philosophy

In 1970, a year after graduating from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Geology, Jeff Houston was intrigued with the mountains, skiing, and the tranquility of Vail, Colorado. He started as a ski patroller in the Winter and worked in landscape construction and other odd jobs to support himself in the off-season. Word spread quickly about his skills and work ethic that he was asked to do a few side jobs here and there. A little work on the side became dozens of clients, which led Jeff to form his business in 1976. In 1980, Jeff opened a gallery and frame shop in Vail. This where his artistic background allowed him to be creative and his interest in Landscape Architecture grew. In 1996, Jeff received an MLA in Landscape Architecture.

Jeff believes the business grew because his word was his word. Back when business was done by a handshake, he delivered what he promised, when he promised it, within budget, with great attention to detail, and was always available. This premise still stands today - 27 years later and is equally as important.


Teamwork is the foundation of Left Hand Design, LLC work practices. Communication begins at the beginning of each project with the homeowner, team members and subcontractors to discuss the priorities, expectations, and schedules. These regularly scheduled meetings occur throughout every step of the building process to ensure every project is a success.


Simply stated, integrity means we do what we say we’re going to do. Our uncompromising adherence to ethical principles translates into smoothly run projects, teams working together cooperatively, and tasks getting done correctly the first time. All this means you, the homeowner, gets your project done on time.


Innovation leads to creative problem solving and embracing today’s ever-present environment of change. We welcome new technologies, set higher standards, and incorporate best practices. With web-based project management capabilities, the latest in estimating software, and “Opportunity for Improvement” surveys which allow us to hear objective feedback from our clients, we constantly strive to stay one step ahead to maintain schedules, lower costs, and improve efficiencies.


Quality is our lifeline. Our business and reputation have grown throughout the years because of our exceptional craftsmanship, our fine attention to detail, our experience in building personalized landscapes tailored to those with even the most discriminating of tastes.

Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service to our clients is paramount. A positive attitude, a dedication to completing your project not just your standards but ours as well, and our personal involvement contribute to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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